MSI’s CEO Attends the Tugboat Institute 2019 Annual Summit

Our CEO, Roland Burdett, attended the Tugboat Institute 2019 Annual Summit in Sun Valley, Idaho, this week.  I can hear you say, wait, Tugboats, what?  The Tugboat Institute exists to support the CEO’s of companies that are building and growing enduring, private businesses … companies that are NOT “in it to flip it” and get out.  The Summit brings the CEO’s of these companies together for 3 days to learn from each other and outside experts.

This year’s Summit was one of the best.  The presentations were powerful.  On the leadership side, we learned about values based leadership, leadership from the inside, building a purpose-driven organization, patience building up, how listening can be a superpower, opening yourself up to the possibilities, trust and leadership, and even about family dynamics as CEO’s.

On the business mechanics side, Doug Tatum presented us information from his book “No Man’s Land” with suggestions for building a company through the 100 and 250 person barriers; William Thorndike presented an update to his book the Outsiders talking about the qualities of very successful long-term companies; we looked at the lifecycle of companies that take private equity and what happens to them in the short and long run; we talked about how long-term companies create value, how to use debt successfully, and how Captive Insurance programs work.

If you’re reading this and you’re worried about your company “flipping” or “selling out” or “not being here for the long run”, please contact us to join our team.  We celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2018, and are putting things in place to be able to celebrate many more anniversaries in the future.

Learn more about Tugboat’s annual summit and the Tugboat Institute.

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