Miklos Systems, Inc.

Providing software development, systems
engineering, and project management services

2019 ESOP Company of the Year


As a member of Certified Employee-Owned, MSI meets rigorous standards of significant and broad-based employee ownership that ensure all of our employees share in our success.


As a Certified Evergreen company, MSI meets standards of corporate leadership and long-term business strategy that define the company as a private, profitable, enduring, and market-leading business.

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What some of our customers are saying

MSI's approach and systems completely revolutionized how we work. Where once we used stand alone spreadsheets and flat files, we now use integrated solutions that exchange data with our partners.

We found your system to be user friendly and intuitive. Why can’t all our systems be like yours?

Your team exudes a high degree of professionalism towards each other and to the business unit customers. They have demonstrated flexibility and teamwork, sound fiscal stewardship, and initiative.

The collaboration, teamwork, dedication to the unique mission, flexibility with deployment schedules and top notch customer satisfaction from the team has been first-rate and much appreciated.

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