MSI is 100% Employee Owned !!

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As of July 31, MSI is now a 100% ESOP Corporation!!

MSI celebrated this milestone with a company luncheon in Reston. Most of the company was able to attend and learned details about the stock transaction and what it means for the company as we move forward.

Special thanks to our corporate officers for all of their hard work. In the recent weeks, they have spent countless hours working with lawyers and our consultants. In addition, we are grateful to Betsie, our founder and original owner, for helping us reach this point. What started 22 years ago is now a 100% Employee-Owned Company.   We appreciate Betsie’s dedication to the original vision to build this environment and to keep focused on the core guiding principles of the company. Through employee ownership, we are able to create and maintain a company that truly reflects our values.

Lastly, congratulations and thank you to our team of Employee-Owners.  Without your hard work, loyalty, patience, and dedication we wouldn’t have been able to purchase the stock and become a 100% Employee-Owned Company.

Becoming 100% employee-owned means that every one of our employees, and only our employees, own our company. It lets us take the long view and focus on our employees and customers when we make decisions. It means that we all work together, for our customers and for each other.

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