MSI & Formula 1

By Roland Burdett ~ 

This week Ferrari launched their newest Formula 1 race-car the SF16-H. All the Formula 1 gearheads around the world tuned into the live-stream to see what Ferrari had come up with to challenge for the World Championship this year. If you like fast and sleek, check out their video here: http://youtu.be/KtEvXUe7N3A.

I’ve often thought of MSI compared to a Formula 1 Team. We work fast; we work hard; we are always on the move; we are constantly updating, testing, and tweaking; we take things from concept to production in an amazingly short amount of time; we respond to changing conditions; we put out amazingly powerful products; and we work together for a common goal. Though instead of winning races, our goal is making our customers happy.

What we don’t have are the shiny launches with hype videos, lights, and the world-wide audience watching. But that’s by choice. We’ve chosen to work behind the scenes and outside of the spotlight.

Why do we choose this? Because we’re proud of our work for our country and our friends and families, because we know we make a difference. Certainly there are some days that challenge us and make us wonder how much we are helping. But then other days we see the difference we make for our customers and the many ways our systems, applications, and databases enable our customers to do their work. It’s those days that should be a part of each of our own hype videos.

In these tense, distracting, and often loud times, everyone should pause for just a moment, look around, take a deep breath, and pat yourself on the back. We do a lot for our customers, we do it really well, and everyone should be proud of what they do and that we are all part of Team MSI.

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