MSI is Certified Evergreen

Miklos System, Inc. (MSI) now has two Employee-Ownership Certifications.  Not only are we accredited by Certified Employee-Owned ®, but we also received our Certified Evergreen distinction this summer.

Tugboat Institute certified MSI based on how well we exemplify Evergreen’s 7 Ps.  These 7 ideas are in two areas:  Characteristics of the company, and the Long Term Strategies of MSI.


  • Purpose – Being passionately driven by a compelling vision and mission.
  • Perseverance – Having the ambition and the resilience to overcome obstacles and keep pursuing our goals indefinitely into the future.
  • People First – Engaging a workforce of talented associates who excel as a team and are motivated by the mission and the culture, in the belief that, by taking care of them, they will take care of the customers, suppliers, partners, communities and their families.

Long Term Strategies:

  • Private – Taking advantage of the ability of closely-held private companies to have a longer-term view, greater flexibility around strategies, and more operating flexibility than public or exit-oriented businesses.
  • Profit – Not mistaking profit as the purpose of the business; but recognizing it is essential to survival and independence, and the most accurate measure of customer value delivered.
  • Paced Growth – Having the discipline to focus on long-term strategy, balance short-term and long-term performance, and grow steadily and consistently from year to year.
  • Pragmatic Innovation – Embracing a continuous-improvement process built around taking capital-efficient, calculated risks to innovate creatively within constraints.

What does being Certified Evergreen mean?  It sets us apart from other companies by demonstrating our commitment to the long-term, our commitment to our employees and our customers.  We’re working together over the long-haul to build something together for all of our futures.  We are not just owned by a few senior or favored employees, and we are not here to build up the company just to sell it.   Each of us at MSI owns a piece of the company which gives us all a reason to ensure the customer is always happy.

You can read more about Tugboat Institute here: https://www.tugboatinstitute.com/about/

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