Our Team

In today’s environment, technical excellence requires multi-dimensional expertise in applications, platforms, languages, and methodologies. Success demands personnel and companies who are able to address and integrate all aspects of a system into the framework of the customer organization.To answer this challenge, MSI’s corporate structure and operating policies are designed to attract top quality professionals, to support employee growth, and to benefit our customers.


Key aspects of our corporate approach include:


  • Technology: Providing the latest technology and tools to our staff to increase their skills and enable constant learning;
  • Training: Allocating training funds to every employee. These self-directed funds let our employees define and develop the technical skills
    they need to do their jobs;
  • Shared Resources: Encouraging employees to use the expertise of the entire company to help solve complex customer needs;
  • Autonomy: Empowering employees to find and implement solutions to get the job done;
  • Teamwork: Providing a team-oriented structure to promote active participation by all employees.


Our employees are top performers in their fields of expertise. Their experiences are based on a strong engineering foundation and their skills
are continuously developed through technical training.

Meet the Team

Betsie Miklos

Founder & Director

When Betsie Miklos started her company in 1993 she wanted it to be flexible and responsive, with a family feel. Twenty years later the employees working under her name are as happy as ever with their careers.

Roland Burdett

President & CEO

Roland Burdett III is a CEO for the people. He is personally available to speak to about concerns, ideas for the future of both your career and for the company, and is hardly seen without a smile. He also takes part in each interview; he is the true face of this organization.

Cheryl White

VP Finance

When Cheryl White graduated from Virginia Tech she had a degree in industrial engineering. She has transitioned into the business world in the years that have followed. As VP of Finance, Cheryl is an active voice in the offices; constantly offering guidance and a kind word.

Barbara Cain

VP Operations

Barbara Cain has an extensive background in project management, business management, and life-cycle development. A very hands-on VP, her influence can be seen on many of the contracts MSI has.

MSI has the skills to offer full lifecycle development




System Engineers


System Admins




Project Managers

Send your resume and inquiries to BeAnEmployeeOwner@miklos.com or apply via the job posting on our Careers page