Our History

Miklos Systems, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Betsie Miklos, an IT executive with over 20 years of experience. Two years later, Roland Burdett joined MSI as the second employee. Since then, MSI has grown and flourished because of the kind of people we have hired and the company culture we embrace.


In late 1998, we recognized the need for a Mission Statement for our Company. Try as we might, everything we wrote sounded like something almost any other company could say. Then we came up with the idea of Guiding Principles. These define the way we do business, reflect the concepts that help us make key business decisions, and guide who we hire. Each principle can be articulated in a few words, but each has significant meaning. The principles are:

Customer Service

All our employees are driven to give our customers the best service possible and individual satisfaction is achieved by having a “happy” customer.

Technical Excellence

We look to hire excellence in multiple disciplines; we don’t want to be known for just one technology or niche.

Personal Integrity

We expect and require the highest standards from each employee.

Non-Competitive Corporate Culture

We do not compete within the company; we work together for our customer’s and company’s best interests.

Have Fun

We understand that our personnel work best in an environment that emphasizes work-life balance, and we provide an environment that encourages having fun together at work.

Over the years these principles have guided us on hiring decisions, new business decisions, raises, bonuses, benefits, policies, etc. Everyone we hire is interviewed for compatibility with these principles, especially their willingness to work in a company that does not rank employees against each other.


With our Guiding Principles in place, MSI added employees, moved to larger offices and expanded our skills. For the first several years, MSI intentionally worked as a subcontractor on a variety of customer projects. In this role, we were able to minimize the risks associated with too many employees in one specific area and to maximize our ability to understand new business opportunities. Over time, the positive reputation of MSI’s employees continued to grow and the company was able to move toward having MSI employees to work together on project teams. By early 2012 we had several tasks staffed entirely by MSI personnel and the products delivered were a direct reflection of the skills and knowledge of our team.


In 2006, MSI became an Employee-Owned Company. As employee-owners, everything that increases the value of the company is of direct benefit to everyone. Sharing the risks, rewards, choices, and opportunities with everyone has made MSI a stronger and more dynamic company.


2006 also saw a major change in leadership as Betsie became CEO, Roland became President, Barbara Cain joined MSI as the new Vice President for Operations, and Cheryl White became the Vice President of Finance. This change reflected the reality of our increasing size and the need for more senior leadership. In 2011, Roland became the President and CEO, and Betsie became the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

MSI continues to emphasize the importance of the ESOP to our way of doing business and support for our people. The employee-owners of the company have responded in many ways including the formation of the Employee Ownership Committee in 2012. This group’s goal is to educate all the employees about the ESOP and its role in MSI’s culture.


MSI continues to evolve and change. The MSI of today could not have been envisioned in 1993 or even 2003. MSI, through our Guiding Principles and employee-ownership culture, has worked to position itself to recognize and respond to change in a positive and strengthening manner. This approach has proven successful to date, and we believe it is the best path for our future.