Our Company

We offer the flexibility of a small company but with
great depth and breadth of skills.

Our History

  1. Founded

    Miklos Systems, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Betsie Miklos. Our current President, Roland Burdett, joined in 1995 as the second employee. Since then, we have grown and flourished because of the kind of people we have hired and the company culture we embrace.  As our company grows, the breadth of solutions we can offer to our customers increases as well. We have specifically avoided developing a niche technology and instead have focused on hiring, developing, and retaining employees who are the best in their fields.

  2. Established Guiding Principles

    As we grew, we recognized the need to define our company. Wanting to avoid a cliché Mission Statement, we instead identified 5 Guiding Principles to define our company: Technical Excellence, Customer Service, Personal Integrity, Collaborative Culture, and Have Fun. Each person we hire is interviewed for compatibility with these principles. In particular, we seek employees who are willing to work in a company that does not rank employees against each other.

  3. Became Employee-Owned

    In 2006, we transitioned to being Employee Owned and we have not looked back since.  As a company, we believe the people who have contributed to the success of Miklos should share in the ownership and benefit from the company’s success. This employee-ownership culture inspires us to be more innovative and to strive for higher customer satisfaction. Immediate access to senior management, a responsive corporate culture, and streamlined infrastructure are hallmarks of our company.

  4. Formed the Employee Ownership Committee (EOC)

    In 2012, we established the Employee Ownership Committee (EOC). The volunteer committee has worked with Miklos leadership to educate all the employees about the ESOP and its role in our culture.  Across the year, the EOC provides ESOP training, puts on special events, represents Miklos at national conferences, and is responsible for company communications about employee ownership! Meet the members here.

  5. quality control

    Held our First “Food for Others” Charity Event

    Wanting to support the larger community we share, Miklos held our first annual “Giving Back” charity event in 2017. Sponsored by our Employee Ownership Committee, Miklos employees gathered and put together over 250 packs of non-perishable foods. These packs were distributed to at-risk children in our local school system who may not have meal options during the weekends.

  6. 2019 Company of the Year

    Miklos was awarded the top honor as “ESOP Company of the Year for 2019”! We were selected out of 18 regional winners who were judged at the national level on their commitment to employee-ownership both within their company and the greater ESOP community.

Guiding Principles

These five principles keep us focused on our top two priorities – our employees and our customers.

Technical Excellence

Collaborative Corporate Culture

Customer Service

Have Fun

Personal Integrity

Meet the Team

Betsie Miklos

Founder & Director

When Betsie Miklos started her company in 1993 she wanted it to be flexible and responsive, with a family feel. Twenty-five years later the employees working under her name are as happy as ever with their careers.

Roland Burdett

President & CEO

Roland Burdett III is a CEO for the people. He is personally available to speak to about concerns, ideas for the future of both your career and for the company, and is hardly seen without a smile. He also takes part in each interview; he is the true face of this organization.

Cheryl White

VP Finance

When Cheryl White graduated from Virginia Tech she had a degree in industrial engineering. She has transitioned into the business world in the years that have followed. As VP of Finance, Cheryl is an active voice in the offices; constantly offering guidance and a kind word.

Barbara Cain

VP Operations

Barbara Cain has an extensive background in project management, business management, and life-cycle development. A very hands-on VP, her influence can be seen on many of the contracts MSI has.