Why Miklos

At Miklos Systems, Inc., we recognize that many of the other government contracting companies offer similar contract assignments. So why would you choose MSI as an employer? Here are the top 5 reasons:

We Have Responsive Management

Miklos is a quickly growing company that has not lost its small-company feel. The flat corporate structure makes the company agile and responsive, both to employee and customer needs. At MSI employees are people, not numbers. Each concern or suggestion is taken into consideration and treated uniquely and fairly.

We Do What We Love

Miklos has a variety of specializations using a range of technologies for an array of customers. The flexibility that MSI offers affords our employees the chance to work in an area that speaks to them. Miklos also offers employees the opportunity to change projects if they want to work with new technologies or in different customer arenas.

We Believe in Lifelong Learning

Continual learning and increasing technical knowledge is not just encouraged at Miklos Systems, it is fostered. Employees are given generous annual training budget; that conference you always wanted to go to, technical manuals for that new language you’re interested in, classes on groundbreaking concepts, it is all possible. In today’s world, in order to keep learning we need to keep connected; that is why MSI gives employees an additional monthly budget for internet connectivity.

We Have Great People

The culture at Miklos is non-competitive; a byproduct of the flat structure. The atmosphere is friendly and coworkers are treated as family. The retention rate of over 90% year after year demonstrates that MSI employees are satisfied and happy with their career at Miklos Systems, Inc.

We are Employee Owned

Miklos offers a very competitive benefits package. The keystone benefit is the Employee Stock Ownership Plan or ESOP. In the ESOP, employees share in the success that MSI has by being part owner. As the company grows and prospers, so should the value of company stock.

Send your resume and inquiries to BeAnEmployeeOwner@miklos.com or apply via the job posting on our Careers page